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Coloured Contact Lenses Australia

Where to buy cheap coloured contact lenses online in Australia?

Whether you are in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Perth, you will realise the prices of coloured contacts in Australia can be very expensive. The main reason is obviously physical shops need to cover for rental and overheads so it is not surprising that you can end up paying $50 for a pair of contact lenses which you can get it here for almost half price. We do not simply stock cheap coloured contact lenses. Instead, we stock premium coloured contacts with CE and ISO certifications from regulatory agencies.

Are coloured contact lenses safe?

All of our contact lenses even non-prescription coloured contact lenses have CE certifications and made by ISO certified manufacturer with GMP certification. Many of our eye contacts are also approved by KFDA and US FDA for safety assurance. In short, good quality coloured contact lenses with the proper certifications are safe but it is always important to be hygienic and properly care for the lenses to keep them safe for the eyes. For example, each time they are used, they should be cleaned with multi-purpose contact lens solution and stored with fresh solution in a proper contact lens case. When you read on cases such as eye infections and do further research on this topic, you will realise most of these occur not because of the lenses but because the wearer had not followed proper care and wear procedures. For example, they might have shared them with someone else which is obviously not supposed to be done or they might have taken a swim or slept with the lenses on.

Will coloured contacts work on my dark brown eyes?

Whether you have dark brown eyes or green and blue eyes, we have all types of colours from natural grey to sweet pink and exciting red that can work well on your eyes. We even have Halloween contact lenses featuring white, black and red contact lenses. How well it works depends on which coloured contact lenses you choose. Some are semi-opaque with various natural tones which are more suited if you wish the achieve the beautiful subtle look while some are opaque and intense-coloured which is ideal if you wish to have coloured eyes that stand out especially for cosplaying and photography purposes.

How long can I wear and use my contact lenses?

Most contact lenses can be worn for up to 10-12 hours per day. The lifespan of the lenses depend on whether they are daily, monthly or yearly contact lenses.

What are the most natural coloured contact lenses?

The answer is not limited to just one. Brown, grey and blue contact lenses are the most natural looking followed by green contact lenses. Most people in the world have hazel eyes which look more towards a light brown while some have very dark brown eyes. A large number of people have grey or blue eyes. Green is also a common colour but in most cases, it is more an aqua green with some form of bluish or greyish tint.

Which are the best Halloween contact lenses?

The all white contact lenses and blackout contact lenses are very popular for Halloween. The full eye lenses are also known as sclera contact lenses. This became popular when people saw them in movies when they were used by Hollywood and movie production studios. For the zombie look, standard size white contacts and black contacts would work very well. Red contact lenses is also a very popular choice for the vampire or scary look.

What are some of the more unique cosmetic contact lenses?

Pink and yellow contact lenses are considered the more unique colours but these are not very popular compared to others. For those looking for cosplay contact lenses or crazy lenses contacts, this can be ideal.

What are circle lenses?

Circle lenses is a term given to coloured contact lenses which give the big eyes look. They are usually slightly bigger in diameter which is how these lenses give that dolly eye look. It is very popular in Korea, Japan and Asia. It gained worldwide popularity via Lady Gaga Bad Romance music video. However, in the music video, the bigger eyes look were made with CGI effects are not linked to the use of any lenses.

About Cosplay Lens only carries high quality and safe coloured contact lenses which have CE (Europe) certifications and manufactured by ISO (International Standards Organisation) certified manufacturer with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification. Many of the lenses offered are also approved by United States FDA and KFDA. All of these certifications and approvals provide quality and safety assurance for these lenses.

Coloured contact lenses which are also known as coloured contacts or cosmetic lenses, are designed for cosmetic and aesthetic purposes. There are two main types of coloured contact lenses which are natural coloured contacts and cosplay contact lenses. Natural coloured contacts usually have very natural looking designs and subtle colours which are designed to enhance or change a person's natural eye colour when they are worn. They are usually used for social events and general fashion purposes. These lenses are very popular in United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Europe, Korea, Japan and many Asian countries. For cosplay contact lenses, they usually have more intense colours and special effect designs. They are popularly used for cosplaying especially in anime conventions, dress up parties and special events such as Halloween. Many models and Hollywood celebrities use coloured contacts including Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Amber Rose, Paris Hilton, Nicki Minaj, Orlando Bloom, Kanye West and Jennifer Aniston.