We stock over 100 popular styles of non-prescription coloured contact lenses in Melbourne, Australia. We can send across Australia including Sydney, Perth and Brisbane by Australia Post Express when you buy online. Whether you are looking for cheap coloured contact lenses online or premium types, they are all offered here. As a comparison of price difference, a pair of coloured contact lenses in Melbourne Central, Gold Coast or Bondi Junction would cost around $50. Over here, you can get it for almost half the price so you do not even need Afterpay. Besides the savings you get, there are so many choices to select from. The most popular colours are blue, green and purple. For natural looking colours, brown and grey are great choices. Red, white and black are excellent for cosplayers or those who need Halloween contact lenses. 



  • BLUE Contact Lenses
    <p>We offer a wide variety of non-prescription blue contact lenses online with ready stock for fast shipping from Melbourne, Australia. These blue contacts come in 2 main series which are the natural and cosplay series. The natural blue coloured contact lenses series consists of dark, medium and light blue contact lenses which are suitable for most types of eyes including brown eyes. The lightest blue contact lenses on hazel eyes usually result in a brownish or greyish blue look. Actors who have this look include Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans. The ideal blue contact lenses for brown eyes would be the 2 and 3 tone blue contact lenses as they would naturally blend with your current eye colour. Blue contacts on brown eyes that would work well would be those with medium colour coverage. For blue contact lenses for green eyes, it would usually give an aqua blue colour when it is worn. For blue contact lenses for dark brown eyes, the cosplay blue lenses might be a better option. It is excellent if you are cosplaying characters such as Superman and Captain America.</p>
  • GREEN Contact Lenses
    <p>If you are looking for non-prescription natural green contact lenses online, you will enjoy the various green contacts offered here with ready stock in Melbourne, Australia. Green coloured contact lenses are becoming very popular nowadays which is not surprising considering green eyes are not only attractive but also very beautiful. Just think of Scarlett Johansson and Emma Stone who not only stands out in movies but also in real life. From sea green contact lenses to dark green contact lenses, the choice is yours. For honey green and hazel green contact lenses, it not only looks so natural but also so sweet. The choice you make should be based on your needs and your eyes. For example, if you have brown eyes, aqua green contact lenses on brown eyes can be a perfect combination. We also stock anime and cosplay contacts style which include neon green contact lenses which are great if you are cosplaying a character with green eyes or if you just wish to have a more intense green coloured eyes. Anime characters who have these include Maka from Soul Eater and Grell Sutcliff from Black Butler.</p>
  • PURPLE Contact Lenses
    <p>When it comes to purple contact lenses, choosing the right purple contacts is important to fulfill your needs. If you are looking for something that sounds out especially on very dark brown eyes, you need to go for the cosplay or more intense type. But if you want that natural look, choose something that is semi-opaque that would blend in with your eyes. Purple eye contacts are one of the most popular choices of lenses in Australia.</p>
  • BROWN Contact Lenses
    <p>With many styles of dark and light brown contact lenses, you can choose the exact pattern and tone that matches your appearance best. The best brown contact lenses for blue eyes would be something that is semi-opaque if you wish it to naturally blend in with your eye colour. For brown contact lenses for dark eyes, you can go for a lighter shade of brown contacts such as a honey hazel colour. Golden brown eye contacts as great for the glamorous yet natural look. Whether you wish to have the look of Jennifer Lopez or Orlando Bloom, anything is possible. </p>
  • GREY Contact Lenses
    <p>We have many gorgeous natural grey contact lenses in Australia which are great for all types of eyes. Light grey contact lenses for brown eyes and dark eyes is a popular choice. Many people like 3 tone grey, ash grey and hazel grey contact lenses for the most natural-looking effect. For the most stunning look, grey green and green blue contact lenses are perfect. You would most likely have seen Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie in movies. While they do not wear grey contacts, you can have similar looking eyes with these lenses.</p>
  • PINK Contact Lenses
    <p>Pink contact lenses may not be the most popular choice in Australia but it is definitely one of the sweetest you can get. It is a feminine colour that would give your eyes that sweet look. If you like pinky stuff, you can match pink contacts with pink and white clothing which would be a perfect combination. </p>
  • RED Contact Lenses
    <p>We have a wide selection of red contact lenses in Australia for those looking for cheap and the best red contact lenses. Red eye contacts are popular not just for cosplay but also for the hot, fiery look. In the anime Tokyo Ghoul, the main character has red eyes. In Star Wars, Darth Maul has eyes with yellow colouration in the middle and red on the outer side. </p>
  • YELLOW Contact Lenses
    <p>Yellow contact lenses are not only striking but also unique. If you are looking to buy cheap yellow contact lenses online, we have premium quality yellow contacts at cheap prices here. Since the emergence of games such as Witcher and movies and dramas such as Twilight, this colour has became very popular. Bright yellow and yellow cat eye contact lenses are also all-time popular. It is not suitable if you are looking to wear while working in office, but it is great if you wish to use them after work for parties and social events.</p>
  • WHITE Contact Lenses
    <p>From all white contact lenses for Halloween to blind white contacts for the no pupil look, we stock them here in Melbourne, Australia. They are great not just for Halloween but also for cosplay and party events. The total white contact lenses come in the white out and the white mesh contacts style. White is the colour of simplicity for most objects. However, for eyes, it gives a scary and intriguing look that would definitely turn heads. For anime, Hinata Hyuga and Neji Hyuga from Naruto have white eyes. </p>
  • BLACK Contact Lenses
    <p>For all black contact lenses including sclera contact lenses, we have ready stock which we can post from Melbourne, Australia. Full eye black contacts which are also known as blackout sclera contacts. They are used in Hollywood and movie production studios and can be seen on characters such as Alexander Lyta in Babylon 5 and Ruby in Supernatural. Compared to natural black contact lenses, sclera lenses should only be worn from 4 to 6 hours and it should only be occasionally used for special events. If you wish to wear often, the normal size type would be best. The normal, standard size black can be worn 10-12 hours per day with proper care.</p>

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