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    <p>We stock over 100 popular styles of non-prescription coloured contact lenses in Melbourne, Australia. We can send across Australia including Sydney, Perth and Brisbane by Australia Post Express when you buy online. Whether you are looking for cheap coloured contact lenses online or premium types, they are all offered here. As a comparison of price difference, a pair of coloured contact lenses in Melbourne Central, Gold Coast or Bondi Junction would cost around $50. Over here, you can get it for almost half the price so you do not even need Afterpay. Besides the savings you get, there are so many choices to select from. The most popular colours are blue, green and purple. For natural looking colours, brown and grey are great choices. Red, white and black are excellent for cosplayers or those who need Halloween contact lenses. </p>
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    <p>If you are wondering where to get cosplay contact lenses from, look no further than our coloured contact lenses online shop based here in Melbourne, Australia. Whether you are looking for white Halloween contact lenses to be a zombie or red Sharingan contact lenses to cosplay as your anime character, we have all types of cosplay contacts for your needs. Our contacts for cosplay also come in blue, green, pink, yellow and black and can work even on dark brown eyes. </p>
  • Coloured Contacts
    <p>Most of our natural coloured contacts here work beautifully on all eyes including brown eyes. Our non-prescription coloured contacts in Melbourne, Australia can be purchased online safely and we can ship across Australia including Sydney, Perth and Brisbane. Depending on the type of effect you would like, you can go for grey and brown contact lenses for a very beautiful and natural look especially if you have brown, blond or black hair. If you have brown or blue eyes, you can still buy different blue and green contacts as these coloured contact lenses can still give you a different stunning effect via colour enhancement. If you are feeling more adventurous, purple, pink or even red contacts would definitely help you stand out of the crowd as a fashion icon.</p>
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