BLUE Contact Lenses

We offer a wide variety of non-prescription blue contact lenses online with ready stock for fast shipping from Melbourne, Australia. These blue contacts come in 2 main series which are the natural and cosplay series. The natural blue coloured contact lenses series consists of dark, medium and light blue contact lenses which are suitable for most types of eyes including brown eyes. The lightest blue contact lenses on hazel eyes usually result in a brownish or greyish blue look. Actors who have this look include Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans. The ideal blue contact lenses for brown eyes would be the 2 and 3 tone blue contact lenses as they would naturally blend with your current eye colour. Blue contacts on brown eyes that would work well would be those with medium colour coverage. For blue contact lenses for green eyes, it would usually give an aqua blue colour when it is worn. For blue contact lenses for dark brown eyes, the cosplay blue lenses might be a better option. It is excellent if you are cosplaying characters such as Superman and Captain America.

BLUE Contact Lenses


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