Cosplay Lens Gender Equality Scholarship

Cosplay Lens believes in true equality between women and men. believe in the right of women to be respected and treated equally regardless of their fashion and beauty choice. If a woman wishes to dress in a certain way or wear coloured contact lenses, she should not be judged or disrespected based on her choices. In some countries, it is common for women to be discriminated which is not right at all. 

As the world is progressing towards true equality, it is important for the new generation to fully understand the importance of equality between men and women. Students at universities represent the new generation of people that will lead our future workforce and will be the driving force of each and every country.

As such, CosplayLens wishes to extend the opportunity for university students to have a say in true equality via our scholarship program. We are enabling them to have a platform to their voice heard via a published article which will be published across the world with a scholarship reward available for the successful applicant.

Scholarship Amount

The scholarship amount provided by CosplayLens is $500 and it will be awarded to the applicant with the winning submission for the purposes of education financial assistance.


All full-time students in an accredited college or graduate school including Undergraduate Students and Graduate Students can apply for this scholarship program.


The deadline is December 30th, 2020. The successful applicant will be notified by March 1st, 2021.

Application Method

To apply for this scholarship, write an article of 1500+ words on an equality topic related to women and beauty or fashion. For example, you could write about “Is It Fair for Women to be Disrespected Based on Their Clothes?”.

Your article needs to be 100% unique based on your research, knowledge and experience. It needs to be factual and not written based on emotions. There should be some academic reference made based on journals and researches.

All applications should be sent to in prior to submission deadline with full name, university and contact details included.

Your submission will be automatically rejected if any form of plagiarism is found.

Submission Review Process

Upon the deadline of submission, Cosplay Lens will review all submissions based on contributory value and ingenuity. The best applicant will be chosen as the winner based on how much contributory value and level of ingenuity that his or her written article provides.

The applicant with the winning submission will be contacted via email once the decision has been made after the deadline.

As part of your article submission to, you permit CosplayLens the right to publish your article in part or in full regardless of whether it is chosen as the winning submission. The main reason for this is because this can bring a positive contribution to women all across the world and be a voice for those whose voice is not heard in countries where women are considered secondary in society.